A&S NEWS: Mike Tyson to Star in a TV Show About His Weed Farm

adminDecember 5, 2018

Mike Tyson, boxing extraordinaire and cannabis entrepreneur, is going back into acting…sort of. The heavyweight champion recently revealed that he’s creating a scripted TV show in which he’ll play a retired boxer who is growing marijuana. Hmm…

“It’s basically me acting like me, so people can get a look at what my life could be like in different scenarios,” Tyson told Page Six. It sorta sounds like Tyson’s other most well-known acting role in “The Hangover” when Tyson played…wait for it…himself.

The show, titled “Rolling With The Punches,” is currently being filmed at The Tyson Ranch Office in El Segundo, California. In it, Chuck Zito, his actual bodyguard, plays his bodyguard and Russell Peters plays, according to Page Six, “the useless best friend.” Basically, it sounds like a reality TV show about Tyson…with some scripted parts.

mike tyson weed farm 1 Mike Tyson to Star in a TV Show About His Weed Farm
Mike Tyson at Convention Hall in Atlantic City, New Jersey October 16, 1987. (Photo by Jeffrey Asher/ Getty Images)
Anyone who wants to see Mike Tyson smoke a bunch of weed or get a look inside the massive, 40-acre cannabis playground the boxer is building should tune in. Tyson broke ground on the ranch in January, right after the recreational market opened in California. The property will feature an edibles factory, a school for aspiring growers, glamping cabins, and just about everything else imaginable to make a weed lover’s dream come true.

A portion of the ranch will also be devoted to research, with an emphasis on CBD. Tyson is a big proponent of cannabis for medical purposes, particularly among former athletes.

Tyson, who is co-creating “Rolling With The Punches” with business partner Rob Hickman, has yet to decide whether he’s going to shop the show around to networks or air it in some other way. It certainly seems like a promotional tactic for the Ranch but, hey, maybe Tyson also really wants to smoke weed on camera. After all, he already, in his own words, smokes weed “all day, every day.”