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The Seven Deadly Sins: 2x24

As Long As You Are Here

Meliodas begins beating Fraudrin, and Meliodas reveals Fraudrin was never given the Commandment of Selflessness by the Demon King; he was only a temporary replacement. Fraudrin turns himself into a magical bomb to destroy Liones, but he sees Dreyfus holding his son, Griamore, and remembers how he had to pretend to be Griamore’s father and realises he actually cares about him. Griamore grabs Fraudrin and traps them both inside a barrier spell so only they would be killed. Fraudrin finally realises what Selflessness truly means and deactivates the bomb. He then commits suicide by allowing Meliodas to kill him. Merlin explains that each time Meliodas dies, his revival is fuelled by consuming his emotions, meaning the more times he dies the closer he comes to becoming a demon again, as proven by the way he enjoyed killing Fraudrin. Emotional funerals are held for the murdered Holy Knights while Meliodas visits the ruins of the Boar Hat. There he cries as he admits to Elizabeth he enjoyed murdering Fraudrin but found he couldn’t look Ban in the eye. He also admits he is afraid of becoming a demon again even though it might be necessary if he is to continue keeping Elizabeth safe from the Commandments. Merlin restores the destroyed city, and also reveals that all the humans enslaved by Zeldris’ Piety Commandment are all moving South to Camelot. Ban reveals that Elaine is still alive. Merlin reasons that Zeldris and Melascula must both still be alive along with Drole, Gloxinia and Estarossa. As Jericho grieves for her brother, she realises she has inherited his ice magic and decides to become a Holy Knight more powerful than her brother. The King orders Gowther released from prison, and he begins calling himself both the Goat’s Sin of Lust and the Commandment of Selflessness. Meliodas decides all of the Seven Deadly Sins must go to war together, and Elizabeth promises to always stay by his side.

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The Seven Deadly Sins: 2×24
Jun. 30, 2018