Problems With Profits, for Days Gone, Anthem and The Division 2 so far.

adminMay 16, 2019

If you’re a PS4 Gamer, and you love loot-shooting games, then now more than ever is the time to take advantage of PS4’s amazingly new low prices.

Let’s start things off with the most recent of Sony’s major first-party releases in 2019. It may have only been released at the end of April, but Days Gone has already been reduced to £37 ($41.34 USD) at Go2Games. The deals hunting horde may be rushing to pick this one up so snag yourself a copy for cheap before the stock dries up.

Over at 365Games, two of the biggest looter-shooters released this year have also received heavy discounts.

You can now join the battle at Anthem for only £23 ($25.71 USD). The game isn’t in the best state after a particularly difficult development period, a rocky launch and a post-launch slump, but there are the smallest signs of a game with potential in there. Perhaps further improvements will be made to help it realise these possibilities in the near future. Hopefully?

Elsewhere, The Division 2 has fallen all the way down to £29.79 ($33.29 USD). Now is an excellent time to get started with your patrols of Washington D.C. as the game’s first 8-player Operation Dark Hours raid is launching on May 16th. That’ll give you a great opportunity to put all those legendary backpacks and knee pads you’ve collected to good use!

Hand over a bit of extra money and you can get for The Division 2: Gold Edition for £45.99 ($51.34 USD)

Stay tuned as we keep focus on these changes…