Leagues & Tournaments



The playe with the most wins by the 9th WINS.
Partner with another like-platform player and go against each other as teams.

Most "wins" by Aug 9th is the Winner!

Player with the most 1-on-1 wins by the 9th WINS.

Partner with another player, and hold the most wins combined by the 9th to be the Victors.


Play solo against 98 more, and try to rank the highest!

Play with another, and make it to the top. {Bonus Points are rewarded if the other player is an ESL & SESL Gamer}


1 Point per player eliminated, out of 100. {If you're the last player out of the standard 100, then you gain 100 points. If you died and there's 98 players still left, then you get 2 points.}

2 Points Per Kill {every player you've eliminated will grant you 2 points each}

5 points if it's a multi-kill/fancy kill {in other words if you blow your opponents up with a grenade or if you managed to kill more than one at the same time}

10 Points for the finalist position/or best player in the game session title. {in other word if the game crowned you victor, that's an additional 10 points added}