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A&S Update: We are doing some serious upgrades behind the scenes!
Oh yes, it’s not Xmas yet my children, but we are in for some treats. I hope you ready for some gifts!
A&S News: Guess who’s getting ready to keep you high with all the weed news?
Its a wrap folks, A&S is going to be doing a lot this upcoming year. I hope you guys are all ready.
A&S NEWS: Mike Tyson to Star in a TV Show About His Weed Farm
Mike Tyson, boxing extraordinaire and cannabis entrepreneur, is going back into acting…sort of. The heavyweight champion recently revealed that he’s creating a scripted TV ...
A&S News: Fake Vape Cartridges Are Disrupting the Legal Weed Industry and Duping Black Market Buyers
International counterfeiters are replicating products from some of California’s leading cannabis vape brands and selling them openly on social media, flooding black markets ...