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A&S is looking for players to join our new The Division 2 Series.
A&S NEWS: Lack of console sales are driving GameStop into cutting corners.
Post first published on on engaget.com AVGameStop cuts costs to deal with plunge in console salesThe end of this console cycle isn’t being kind to the retailer. Jon ...
A&S NEWS: Your iOS 13 Phone will be a Mobile PS4 Thanks to DualShock 4 Support and the Remote Play App
Now, with iOS 13 and DualShock 4 support, your iPhone or iPad will essentially be a portable PS4. You’ll encounter all of the usual PS4-related controls, including full ...
A&S NEWS: After the FDA’s hearing, Cannabis stocks fell!
Hearing ‘highlighted messy state of the industry, with widespread use of CBD products with minimal standardization,’ says analyst first posted on marketwatch.com Cannabis ...
A&S NEWS: 2.4 Million Yen for Life-Size Naruto Figure
So it turns out there’s a life-size expensive as naruto figure out there going for a pretty penny. Article first posted crunchyroll…. Want to show your love ...
The State of Illinois has officially legalized marijuana recreationally! And it wasn’t by vote!
** This article was scraped from barrons.com ** Don’t call Chicago the Second City any more. Late Friday, the Illinois legislature approved recreational marijuana use for ...